Chief Technology Officer


  • Oversee tech and product development alongwith AI implementation on the platform
  • Work on software development, product, data science, data pipeline, ML modelling, implementation, and deployment
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  • Advise and help build the e-commerce platform from ground-up
  • Oversee the product development process with UI + UX, Web Fullstack, Database, and Integrations
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Product Lead

New Engen

  • Maintain and scale LIFT from affiliate-focused SaaS platform to a complete marketing powerhouse
  • Assign, gauge and oversee an expanded analytics team
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Analytics Manager

LT Partners

  • Develop and maintain LIFT - a partnership performance analytics SaaS platform
  • Assign, gauge and collaborate on projects (progress, debugging, workflows and training) of analytics team
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Princeton University

  • Extend features, include & rectify Boost-Histogram library
  • Work on improving performance, widening usability, easier readability, covering of varied applications, and meticulous fine-tuning of functions
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Mitacs Globalink Research Intern

Toronto Metropolitan University

  • Work on detection of counterfeiting in the e-commerce industry using machine learning
  • Work on data collection, literature review, model implementation, data analysis and research paper writing
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Data Science Intern

LT Partners

  • Work on Google Cloud Platform for data science based tasks
  • Work on proprietary LTP Dashboard and undertake technology tool(s) upgrade projects
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Research Intern

Indian Space Research Organization

  • Work with ISRO scientists on machine learning and computer vision based research work
  • Work on INSAT 3D satellite data unmixing and denoising for registered images
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AI Research Engineer Intern


  • Work on Natural Language Processing based research for predictive analysis on MITRE ATTACK in the platform
  • Contribute to AI based assistance integration on platform (based on reactJS) on GitHub
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Product Management Intern


  • Work on customer journey, platform walkthroughs and feature analysis, prioritization and PRDs
  • Work on competitor analysis, client acquisition preparation and social media outreach
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Software Engineer Intern


  • Work on cloud automation platform with reactJS
  • Work directly on company website major and critical updates alongwith CMS transition
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The Product Folks

  • Product management fellowship program organized by TPF from August to September for 8 weeks
  • Combination of the best lessons from seasoned Product Leaders on most essential skills for grow in our Product career
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Data Analyst Intern


  • Work on data analytics for application-based-data, and data analysis for transaction-based-data
  • Help with application testing and critical changes/updates
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ML Community Builder

Amazon Web Services

  • Conduct events and workshops on computer science focused on Amazon Web Services and Machine Learning
  • Lead a strong technical campus and city community on AWS
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Z Captain


  • Become an IBM Z Captain (previously termed Leader) and Advocate due to leadership potential, quality of contributions and expertise on IBM Z areas.
  • Regularly contribute to Global Student Hub, mentor and guide 2022 Z Ambassadors and lead a group of 5-10 Z Ambassadors through the program.
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  • Lead a strong technical campus community; create strong core departments & department leads
  • Conduct events, workshops & competitions on computer science
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IoT Ambassador


  • Deliver technical content on Intel’s Developer Website discussing my research, projects, and interests in the space of IoT, DL and AI
  • Host speaker of Ambassador Labs on campus, connecting with my peers and local community
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Z Ambassador


  • Spread the word about Master and Mainframe (MTM) and other learning opportunities with members of campus communities
  • Host a Master the Mainframe workshop and advocate for IBM Z Enterprise Computing
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MLSA - Beta


  • Conduct various workshops, write blogs, video tutorials and organize several technical competitions
  • Assist fellow students in their technical needs, resources & career
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AI Ambassador

  • Enrich a local community of AI, ML and DL
  • Host independent events (from ideation, onboarding speakers, organizing it and executing it) on AI
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Campus Builder


  • Advocate for crypto and blockchain technology on campus
  • Host and conduct events and workshops on training for web 3.0 while ensuring a healthy campus community
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Open Source Contributor

Boost Histogram (Python and C++)

  • Contributed to 6+ issues on boost histogram python
  • Contribute to C++ boost histogram, with focus on efficiency accumulator

Open Source Contributor


  • A tool by and for security professionals to bring our unique toolbox to every operations center globally
  • Contribute to their GitHub open source repository with updated syntax-highlighting web code editor based on react-JS
Contribution 1Contribution 2

SWOC 2021 Mentor

Script Winter of Code

  • An open-source technical program organized every year during the end of year in winter by Script Foundation
  • Mentor position to help contributors for OS GitHub repos
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OpenCode'21 Contributor

IIIT Allahabad

  • An open-source technical program organized every year during the end of year in winter by GeekHaven at IIIT Allahabad
  • Contribute to IIITA OpenCode GitHub organization repositories
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Data Science Mentor

Data Science Community - PDEU

  • Conduct and teach fellow mates several technologies (via workshops and events) on data science
  • Share resources, opportunities, roadmaps, tutorials and books
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Vice President


  • Conduct and teach fellow mates several technologies (via workshops and events)
  • Gain exposure and knowledge about new technologies, programming languages and opportunities
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Technical Head

Social and Cultural Committee - PDEU

  • Oversee and help with technical aspects of 17 clubs associated with SnC in PDEU
  • Work on web development and maintenance of all websites pertaining to SnC
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Team Leader (TL)

Outgoing Global Volunteer | AIESEC in Ahmedabad

  • Facilitate oGV opportunities, help students and recent graduates find suitable positions
  • Aid youth in application process and provide support during the time of international exchanges
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Rural Teacher (Volunteer)

Zabuba HighSchool - Barwala

  • Volunteer to teach students at local highschool on mathematics fundamentals
  • Chat with students on several aspects including higher studies and future career options
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